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São Paulo Pluralist Tower: An Unbuilt Brazilian Housing Project

Published - DOCOMOMO│16th International Docomomo Conference Tokyo Japan 2020+1│2021

Conceived by the Italian designer Gaetano Pesce, the innovative design of the São Paulo Tower proposed a housing building based on the idea of pluralism: for each floor, a different architect was called in to develop the architectural project. Twelve Brazilian architects who, according to the building’s creators, represented the best architecture practiced in that period in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, were invited to design the different apartments. They produced a housing building composed of eleven duplex apartments, totally different internally and externally. The result is a unique tower, where the different projects are placed in a linear way, and are all based on a pre-designed base structure, forming a kind of vertical street with one duplex apartment per floor.

EPIDEMIAS & ARQUITETURA: Torre São Paulo, um projeto habitacional não construído de 1990 como proposta para a personalização de novas moradias pós pandemia de Covid-19

Published - PROJETAR 10th│2021

This article is structured in two parts: the first part seeks to demonstrate how hygiene and fear sanitized spaces and society, and modified urbanism and architecture. The second suggests ways that the Covid-19 pandemic may come to transform the current housing architecture, and exemplifies issues about housing customization. This part exhibits a Brazilian unbuilt utopic housing project from the 1990s, ‘Torre São Paulo’, conceived by the Italian designer Gaetano Pesce, based on the pluralism of ideas as a viable proposal for moments where architectural transition is necessary.

São Paulo Tower: Recreating a Brazilian Unbuilt Visionary Housing Project with the Help of Mind, Technology and Emotions

Published - PHI 7th International Multidisciplinary Congress│2021

The main objective of the article is to present the innovative project, discuss and display the methodology and processes of digital redesign implemented in the research on the Torre São Paulo building. The importance of studies based on unbuilt projects is shown, the stages of redesign, the difficulties and possible contributions to be encountered, and the feelings that occur in the mind of the researcher at each stage of the thorough investigation required for this type of research.

The Covid-19 Pandemic, and the Decontamination Space in Brazilian Housing Units

Published - PP&C│2021

With Covid-19, new needs have become present in Brazilian housing units. The essay identifies some layout changes applied in the houses due to the pandemic, points out the reality in the users' adaptation to these transformations, and brings the possible consequences in the Brazilian housing scenario. With theoretical basis of the house as an experimental matrix for architecture, as well as the transformations in it already occurred by external factors in the last decade of 1980 in Brazil.

Arquitetura e Arte no Metrô de São Paulo

Published - Vitruvius│Minha Cidade│2018

Article about the Arte no Metrô (Art in the Subway) program, which takes place at subway stations in São Paulo - Brazil.

Vasco de Mello: Analysis of Unbuilt Projects

Published - FAU│Mackenzie Presbyterian University│2018

The dissertation analyzes and discusses eight unbuilt projects of the architect Vasco de Mello and seeks the influences of these projects in concrete works of previous or later date. Vasco de Mello has 459 projects in his curriculum, and despite his extensive architectural production, this is the first study to contemplate the analysis and importance of his unbuilt projects.

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