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Located in the city of São Paulo, this interior project made for a family heritage management office is inspired by the design of the 50's, and counts with Bauhaus influences on the furniture. With 90 m², the area is the result of the integration of two commercial units that take place basically in two environments: production and meetings.

Imagem_6 - Photo.png

The rooms are integrated by a glass panel, with an access door and automatic closing of the blinds to allow privacy when necessary. Independent external accesses to the environments were maintained in order to streamline and facilitate their operation.

The production and meeting zones have the same area size, and as they are the junction of two mirrored commercial units, they also incorporate a bathroom and a pantry each.

Imagem_10 - Photo.png

Together, the two large pieces of mahogany wood furniture with a cut diamond design, situated in mirrored form in each room in the same way as the linear benches, bring uniformity to the spaces.

The feeling requested in the briefing is conveyed by the Bauhaus bookcase in the production area, alongside the wallpaper created by Laverne Inc. in the 1950’s that was applied along the entire length of the wall opposite the facade.

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