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Ilhabela is known in Brazil as the National Sailing Capital, and it is getting ready to be the National Nautical Capital, in this way it happens the project of the New Public Marina located at Saco da Capela beach with space to receive cruise ships besides land sectors to support tourists.


The program is composed of the "Water Complex" - with capacity for 280 boats of up to 80 feet, tourist support with cruise ship scalers, as well as a pier for local tourism, schooners, and sloops. In the "Land Complex" - stores, restaurants, spas, and a square that integrates with nature.

The marina is designed with a floating system, with low environmental risk, allowing the passage of shallow and deep-sea sediments, preserving the natural movement of the seabed, as well as efficiency in the service of vessels.

The project was developed in partnership with the Brazilian offices VMAA - Vasco de Mello Arquitetos Associados, and PPMS - Pedro Paulo de Melo Saraiva, with the participation of Arthur de Macedo in the architects' team.

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