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JP House is a project for a young couple with two children, with 500 m² and located in an area with a gap of 9 meters between levels. The clients brought a briefing with important information regarding the concept of the residence, and it resulted in a project with a strong contemporary trait.


The main facade is composed of two layers: on the first layer, one can find an element of Brazilian architecture, the ‘cobogó’, pieces organically arranged. On the second layer, there is a large glass panel of the social hall that also works as a kind of private gallery, with paintings by the Portuguese artist Pedro Besugo, and Brazilian furniture, such as Oscar Niemeyer's Marquesa bench and Sergio Rodrigues' Mocho stool.

Having the appearance of a ground floor residence when seen from the street was the main point that the clients were looking for. Additionally, they wanted an architecture that escaped from the commercial neoclassical pattern, strongly found in the neighboring houses.


A walkway connects the two layers of the facade, complemented by a skylight, which brings light to the indoor social environment. As a result, it created a pleasant interplay between internal and external, private and public environments, providing users with an interesting sensation when walking and being in the environments.

Designed on a rectangular and sloping terrain, making the residence fluid and open was the main idea of ​​the project, by visually integrating the environments as much as possible and eliminating the concept of a closed duplex house that the clients feared so much.

Foto 03 Final.png
Foto 01 Final.png
Foto 02 Final.png

Designed in an L-shape, all social and intimate areas open onto the grassy patio with fireplace and pool, providing natural light and integration to the rooms.

The architectural program of the residence is distributed as followed:

At the entrance level: Social Hall/Gallery with access stairway to the Social Level, TV Room, and Three Suites, one of them being the Master Suite with a Closet and a Glass Wall.

Lower level: Open space with TV Room, Living Room with Piano and Water Mirror, Dining Room, Kitchen with Barbecue that is open to the outside area with Swimming Pool and Fireplace, finished with Toilet and Pantry (these being the only walls on this floor).


Third and last lower level: Gym, Office, Study Area, Laundry, Storage, and Technical Area.

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