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This project is a complete internal and external renovation of an existing residence from 1979.

With 600 m², the new project brought a new facade, modernized the internal layout with integration of the social environments, and an entirely transformed the leisure area.


With a new, purer, and more contemporary facade, the residence gained privacy while also keeping plenty of light for the internal environments. The main briefing of the clients, a couple with two daughters, was to visually transform the new acquired residence.

The visual result of the project is marked by dark earthy tones contrasting with white, a mixture of materials, English bricks, and iron slats. These elements, together with a large glass panel, bring the desired contemporaneity to the new facade of the house.


The leisure area has been completely redesigned with a new pool, larger and with right angles, integrated with a spa and wet deck.

Around the large wet area are distributed a gym, barbecue area, lounge, storage, and a playground. A striking new metallic structure integrates the outdoor seating areas, bringing volume and lighting spots to the space.

A large panel made of hydraulic tile with blue tones visually completes all the external spaces. This item was strategically designed in order to hide the service areas of the residence. The entire outdoor area interacts physically and visually with the new internal social areas, especially with the new, repositioned, larger, and brighter kitchen.


A large water mirror with carps incorporates the social entrance hall internally. Under it, a large skylight and a glass panel on the facade ensure adequate luminosity to the internal environments.

The entire structure was kept from the original residence, removing excess walls and reorganizing the spaces.


The final architectural program was defined as follows:


Social Sector: Hall with Water Mirror, Living Room, Fireplace Room, Library, Dining Room, Silverware Room, Toilet, Wine Cellar, Swimming Pool, Spa, Gym, Barbecue Area, Outdoor Living Area, and Playground.

Service Sector: Kitchen with Pantry, Laundry Room, Employee Residence, Storage Room.


Intimate Sector: Suite for the couple with Terrace and External Fireplace, plus a Closet integrated to the Bathroom with a Bathtub. Three Bedrooms (all suites), TV room and Office.



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