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The Apartment AR project is aimed at a young entrepreneur and his first apartment.

Located in São Paulo - Brazil, with 50 m², the main point of the project was the integration of social environments and the avoidance of orthodox layouts usually found in similar apartments.


In response to the client's briefing, which due to his profession is very connected to television, the project enabled the visual integration of the device in the entire social area of ​​the apartment.

The dynamic layout of the project connects social spaces (living room, dining room and kitchen), and also allows the same spaces to work autonomously.


The furniture was designed in pure and light lines, with spaces to accommodate and display the resident's books. The color points in the project happen through the paintings that present a vivid visual language, which contrasts with the aesthetics of wood and cement also present.

With iconic chairs from the 60's (Giuseppe Gibelli, by Italian designer Luigi Sormani), a sliding door freely inspired by the furniture of the great Brazilian designer Sergio Rodrigues, and a Yak sofa by Bell'Arte, the interior design concept contrasts the modern with the contemporary to give a timeless character to the apartment.

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